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Justin Turk is a singer songwriter and music instructer. His music has a little pop in soul with rock and roll in heart. Add a dash of country and a tint of lime and you got Justin Turk Music.

Justins mission is to spread the word of love through the power of music. His passion isnt just singing and writing. Its the reaction people get when hearing him sing and perform. A great artist isnt in it for the money or the fame. They do it for the emotional connection between the art and the fan. Thats why Justin Turk is the next best thing the music industry has to offer. So listen to his music, love his music and dont just become a fan. Become his friend. Share the connection between the art and the fan with him just has he shares it with you.

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His rock/pop style in combination with his powerful vocal range captivates audiences. Justin's talent extends beyond his impressive voice. He plays several instruments and often accompanies himself on guitar. His music is soulful, inspiring, and up beat. His songwriting style ranges from softly lyrical to aggressively energetic. Justin's catchy melodies will have you singing along in no time. But be forewarned: Resistance is futile!

Justin Turk also provides Music Lessons For Cheap- check out the his other services page up top

Listen for him on the deuce show! http://deuceshow.podomatic.com/

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Please feel free to contact me using the email below

E-mail: jturkpromo@yahoo.com

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Right HEre Right Now

12/18/2013 07:41 PM

Christmas Music

Here is a christmas song my twin brother and I did together a few years ago. Hope you enjoy it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRi0i
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12/03/2013 06:53 PM

A new rock star is born

On November 15 2013 my daughter Krystin Melody Turk was born. It was an exsperience that nothing can ever compare to. Its like a high ...
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